Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a stunt actor? Well, I (kind of) got to do that for this adventurous Dolomites wedding. Thanks to Jlenia Costner, I heard about Tara and Stephen, who needed a photographer for their Dolomites wedding. 

It was such a privilege capturing Tara and Stephen as they celebrated their love in one of the most remarkable ways possible - saying their vows on top of the snowy Dolomites in Italy next to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The Charming Bride and Groom

Tara and Stephen met like most people do: on a movie set! Tara is a Hollywood stuntwoman, and Stephen is a retired stuntman turned stunt coordinator. As luck would have it, they were filming a movie on the Dolomites, so they decided to take advantage of the location and have a Dolomites wedding.

Watching Tara and Stephen as a couple was like watching seasoned dance partners; they were perfectly attuned to one another, always aware of and in awe of each other. Tara’s stunning mermaid wedding dress was a showstopper, and Stephen looked like a movie star in his chic tuxedo. They seemed to be in their own little world, making it easy for me to capture the magic.

A Gorgeous Dolomites Wedding

Tara and Stephen said their vows at the Lumen Mountain Photography Museum, which featured full-length windows that showcased the beautiful, snowy mountain outside. It was an intimate ceremony with close friends and family. After the ceremony, we took photos around the museum, finding a few rooms with fantastic lighting and mirrored floors.

But the stellar venue was just the beginning. We still had to get to the top of the slopes before it was time to celebrate at the reception.

Snowboarding And Skiing To The Reception

As if it wasn’t incredible enough to be on the Dolomites in Italy with two amazing stunt professionals, Tara, Stephen, and I took a helicopter to the top of the slopes for some serious skiing and boarding. Tara even wore a veil as she snowboarded down the mountain, with Stephen skiing in her wake, tuxedo and all. 

Once we got down the hill, it was time to celebrate the bride and groom. We had to keep this Dolomites wedding going! And as it turned out, there was a dance party waiting for us.

A Night To Remember

To say I was shocked by how many astounding people were at this wedding would be a massive understatement. And watching them all come together to witness Tara and Stephen’s Dolomites wedding was even further proof of how this group is all about celebrating love. The music played throughout the night as the champagne flowed, everyone dancing in blissful abandon.

Reflections On The Day

Being a wedding photographer has connected me to all kinds of people. I’ve met couples from almost every walk of life, including stunt actors!

Tara and Stephen reminded me that no matter what happens, life is truly an adventure. But what makes that adventure great is sharing it with the people you love.

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Photographer: Alberto Gobbato

Video: No Matter The Weather

Planning: Jlenia Costner

Catering: Sichelburg Restaurant