The FAQs

What is the best way to contact you?

You can complete the form in the "contacts" section on the website, send an email to, or call me.

How many pictures do we get and what’s the estimated time to deliver?

For a wedding, I usually deliver 400 to 600 photos, but I don't put an exact amount or limit on my shots. As for the delivery time, I try not to exceed 3-4 weeks in spring/winter. During the high season (May-September) the delivery time may be longer (6-8 weeks) due to the high number of weddings.

Do you offer different packages?

I offer 3 collections.
Each couple has different needs and preferences, for this reason, each package is personalised.

Our marriage won’t take place in Padova, do you want to consider us anyways?

Of course, I am blessed to often work "out of town" or even abroad. If you are planning your wedding outside Padua or outside Italy contact me. I LOVE travelling!!
Travel costs are calculated individually and usually include accommodation, airfare and car hire (if necessary). I like to travel light.

I’m very embarrassed and get easily uncomfortable in front of the camera. How can we solve this?

This is the question I am asked most often. I shoot almost entirely in photojournalistic style letting the day evolve in the most natural way possible. Obviously I will give you some indications, and I will always encourage you to relax and be yourself.
I often suggest a pre-marriage/engagement session to make you feel more comfortable in front of my lens. This also creates beautiful and natural images of you two in remote or interesting places (I hope you don't mind muddying your shoes).

How many photographers will be there?

I usually suggest one wedding photographer, to be as discrete as possible. I firmly believe in the beauty of spontaneous and natural photos, which are much better when you don't even realise that the photographer is present. A second photographer may be needed for logistical reasons or, if you prefer to have an extra lens that captures your moments, this can be easily organised.

Do we need to include you for meals when you’re working?

The wedding is a long day for everyone and a substantial meal gives me the energy to survive until the evening and dance a little with you too!

How can we make our reservation with you?

When you have decided to proceed with a reservation, contact me by email or phone, so that I can confirm everything and agree in the best way.
A few days after the contract is issued, I request a 30% deposit / deposit to engrave your date in the stone! The remaining 70% will have to be amended at least one week before the wedding.
P.S. The reservation will not be confirmed until payment of the deposit.

Can you also book a videographer?

Sure. I don't directly manage the video part, but I will advise you the videographers whom I have previously worked with and which I believe are a good fit.

Once everything is booked, how many times will we see you before the wedding?

I am always available by email or on the phone. Write me any questions that may flash even in the middle of the night, I take my job very seriously and I will answer you as soon as possible. Whether it's related to photography or not, I'm always happy to help.


Available for weddings in Italy and around the world. I had the luck to travel with couples to Spain, Australia France, Mexico, Morocco...

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