Do you want to know something about me?

I'm a destination wedding photographer based Italy, which, if you're here, I suppose you already know.
What you might not know yet is that I'm a traveller at heart and that I had the priviledge to capture weddings on every continent.

It's what I love and what I will keep doing until my finger no longer allows me to click that magic button and freeze time forever.

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One thing I love is: sharing. That's not different when I photograph.

I don't create images for you, but with you.

More than photos, I want to capture feelings...

And stories... Telling and hearing stories makes my heart beat faster.

I love them as they carry so many details and emotions with them

and as time and time again I get carried away to the place where they happened.

Honestly, is there anything more beautiful than a love story?

Stories are transmitted from generation to generation,

a souvenir to cherish forever, just like your photos.


  1. Leave nothing on the plate
  2. Travel to countries where they speak a language I don't know
  3. To love
  4. Respect animals ( If it wasn't for the affettati - yuumm!!- I was possibly vegetarian)
  5. Comfort zone? No thanks
  6. Read and listen to music on rainy days
  7. Eat pizza for breakfast
  8. Try not to cry when people put pineapple on their pizza
  9. Recycle
  10. Spend more time outdoor than indoor

Hannah & Anthony // Australia

“Alberto does not simply take photos, he captures moments. The photos are raw, filled with emotion and capture perfectly the love shared between my partner and I. The entire process was a breeze, from the moment of enquiry to receiving the final photos. Both myself and my partner can be camera shy but we were both extremely relaxed with Alberto, it was like having a photo shoot with your best friend. Thank you so much Alberto for everything!”

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My favourite things

My favourite things


I grew up in Padova, a city in the Veneto region, but it is in Rotzo, a little mountain village, I lost my heart. It's also the spot where I lighted my first fire, pinched first tent and where I experimented with self-made potato-guns (don't try this at home)!! And where I still come back today to respite.

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Available for weddings in Italy and around the world. I had the luck to travel with couples to Spain, Australia, France, Mexico, Morocco...

Contact me & I'll follow you to wherever it is you want to say "Yes"!

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