Your story comes to life if printed!

Because your memories shouldn’t be looked at on the screen of your phone! 

An album is timeless. Our pupils enlarge and our hands start to sweat,

it’s an emotion

It’s a witness for generations to come. 

When I flip the pages of my parents' wedding album I still smell the atmosphere and I can catch a glimpse of how it was 40 years ago. Pure magic!

Every album is printed on silk paper with brilliant colours and archive ink.

The quality of the images

will last for centuries without fading or becoming yellow. 

The aperture is panoramic without losing quality. Not like a normal book.

The album has a fabric cover (linen and cotton) that fits very well with the light Italian oak case, also customised. 

All hand made by artisans in Italy and designed by me personally. 

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Album dimensions:

Album 33 x 25cm

The smallest of them all, but isn't it in the smallest barrels the best wine?

30 single pages (15 tables) included.

Album 30 x 30cm

Square, practical, good! The best- seller!

30 single pages (15 tables) included.

Album 30 x 40cm

Giant, the exact size of your story!

30 single pages (15 tables) included.

Parents album

Parents album. Make them happy for once! It is the exact copy of the master album, but smaller (27 x 20 or 20 x 20).

Did you say prints?

There's more options than the album alone!

I have the pleasure and the luck to collaborate with one of the best printing companies in Italy - hence, the best quality!

Your photos come in a beautiful handmade wooden box.

The box can be customised according to your style.

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Box dimensions:

Box 10 x 15cm

Light or dark wood, with wooden USB or just your prints.

You decide what best reflects your style.

Box 15 x 23cm

Here there is no right or wrong, and the possibilities are endless. Do you like walnut better than light wood on the table?

No problem, we make it work!

Why spending millions of euros on photos that

will just stay on your computer?

Really sorry to drop this bomb on you,

but I can't stress enough the importance of an album or to print your photos.

When you print your pictures they come to life, they have a soul!

Talking with a couple I photographed in the past ( I will not call names, Silvia and Paolo, don't worry ) They confessed to have looked at their wedding photos only a few times after delivery. 


After one year they finally asked me for their album. They told me now it became a coffee table book in which they look at least once a week and every friend who visits them makes their magical day come to life again. 


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