The Dolomites are a majestic part of northern Italy. They are an extension of the Southern Limestone Alps, full of beautiful ski resorts, mountain climbing paths, hiking, cycling, paragliding, and other mountain sports. However, the Dolomites also present an excellent opportunity for couples wishing to tie the knot. As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve been lucky to shoot ceremonies there, and I’m happy to put that experience to use helping you figure out your own Dolomites elopement.

In short, this is everything you need to know before your Dolomites elopement.

What Makes The Dolomites Special

The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are abundant with natural vistas, as the impressive rock peaks and deep valleys dominate the landscape. It is remarkable to see, and the entire region is a favorite destination for nature and adventure lovers. The landscape has over 350,000 acres of jagged pinnacles, sheer rock faces, ancient glaciers, gorges, deep lush forests, and green valleys. The region’s many small towns and villages are also impressive and have rather exciting customs and traditions for one to experience.

View of the Dolomites, one of the best places to elope in Northern Italy

Beautiful Venues For Every Budget

For any couple looking to have a Dolomites elopement, the region offers a variety of venues for whatever your budget or needs may be. Here’s what they are, starting with the Lumen Museum.

The Lumen Museum

The Lumen Museum sits at an elevation of 2,275 meters, and it is an incredible place to have a Dolomites elopement. For one, it has an impressive artistic consideration, as the design of the building is perfectly fitted with the rest of the background and reflects the pure atmosphere of the mountains. It also has a terrific gallery area, temporary and permanent exhibitions, and a fantastic event space where you can have a Dolomites elopement or wedding. In addition, you will not want to miss the Room of Mirrors.

Alpina Dolomites

Alpina Dolomites is a 5-star resort in the heart of the Dolomites, and the hotel and its grounds are a perfect place for your luxurious Dolomites elopement. The resort has a “living in harmony with nature” concept, which it follows through on with incredible views and organic designs. You can have an elopement and vacation here full of diverse experiences, starting from mountain sports activities, wellness, and culinary pleasures.

Black and white photo of couple with view of Dolomites outside big windows, taken by Italy photographer Alberto Gobbato

Col Pradat Lodge

The Col Pradat Lodge in the heart of the Dolomites is another perfect getaway for a Dolomites elopement. The lodge has a long history of being a resting place for travelers and has grown in popularity over the years. It features several food options, breathtaking views, hiking and bike tours in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

Groom smiling as he sees bride in her dress for the first time, shot by natural light photographer Alberto Gobbato

Piz Boé Alpine Lounge

Pis Boé Alpine Lounge is a good choice for those looking for something a little different. The lounge is an exclusive mountain hut accessible by the Boé cable car. It’s modern, it’s intimate, and it offers fine dining with some of the best views of the Dolomites.

Hotel Rosa Alpina

The Hotel Rosa Alpina is a spectacular resort in the village of San Cassiano. It is the ideal place for those who love to ski in the winter, those who love to hike in the summer, and fine dining enthusiasts all year-round. Included among its many elegant amenities are a three-Michelin-star restaurant, spa, pool, and many luxurious accommodations for guests.

Bride getting ready in her suite for the Dolomites wedding

Adler Lodge Alpe

With a beautiful alpine design, spa, pool, and hiking and skiing opportunities, the Adler Lodge Alpe offers the kind of rest, relaxation, and excitement couples and their guests are looking for. As an exclusive hotel set within the embrace of the Dolomites, it’s an incredible way to become more connected with nature and with yourself.

Couple sitting at the table with drinks, captured by Alberto Gobbato Photography

Castel Fragsburg

Castel Fragsburg is a medieval castle transformed into a fine living establishment on a private hill. It overlooks the beautiful Dolomite slopes and Merano. Among its many elegant features are its hotel garden and fabulous views. It’s ideal for couples looking for a long weekend getaway with a historic feel.

Couple holding hands as they stand in a field of flowers, taken by Italy wedding photographer Alberto Gobbato

Bonus: Mi Chalet

Mi Chalet is a luxury getaway location for couples. It’s an exclusive villa for two with high-quality interiors and all the luxuries of modern living. It features an ample living room, large windows, chimney, and modern conveniences, such as a sound system and TV. 

While Mi Chalet isn’t a traditional venue, it would be a romantic option for an intimate, cozy Dolomites elopement.

Couple standing in the chalet at the Dolomites, shot by warm wedding photographer Alberto Gobbato

Two Essential Tips For Your Dolomites Elopement

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite places for a Dolomites elopement, I’d like to give you some essential tips for having one there, of which there are two.

Book In Advance

Always book your ceremony in advance. Some of the Dolomites elopement venues I’ve outlined here have limited capacity and are booked for months or years in advance. I recommend choosing a few venues and checking their availability. That way, if one is booked up past when you’re comfortable, you’ll have a backup.

Couple running together during their wedding shoot with gorgeous view of Dolomites behind them

Pick Local Vendors

Always pick local vendors for your Dolomites elopement. Although there are many amazing wedding vendors in the world, not many know the Dolomites area. Local vendors will have a good understanding of what you need and how to help you get it. Also, they’ll be able to share any tips they have for little-known spots and activities in the Dolomites area.

The Dolomites Elopement Of Your Dreams

I love watching couples in love, and I love capturing that love in its rawest form for them. I’ve helped capture that love in many spots around Italy, but Dolomites elopements will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m ready to help make it a special place in yours too.

If there’s anything else I can do to help you plan the Dolomites elopement of your dreams, let me know what that is, and if you’re in need of a wedding photographer who's familiar with the area and has experience shooting there, let me know how I can help you there too. Together, we’ll make your elopement amazing!


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