A destination wedding in Italy is truly unforgettable. Having shot many of them, I find myself in a position to share with you all the reasons why. By the end of them, I hope you’ll see a destination wedding in Italy the same way I do: glamorous, romantic, and full of opportunities for fun.

Reasons To Choose A Destination Wedding In Italy

There are many reasons to choose a destination wedding in Italy, but I’m not here to overwhelm you. It is always my goal to help my clients feel relaxed and comfortable. This is true when I’m behind the camera, and it’s true when I’m sharing tips like these. 

So, don’t worry if this is too much. Take it at your own pace. It’ll still be here when you’re ready, just like I will be. 

Let’s start the reasons with how much value a destination wedding in Italy gives for the money.

#1 - Good value for the money

Perhaps you hear about Italy and weddings and think it will cost you a fortune. It is true that a destination wedding in Italy can cost more than the average wedding, but if your wallet allows, and you should see if it can, you’ll get a unique, high-quality experience worth more than other destination wedding sites.

Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding in Italy. View of vintage Italian buildings and water in Venice, Italy.

With a destination wedding in Italy, expect natural and architectural beauty, a sense of history, romantic settings, a grandiose scale, and a plethora of wedding venue options with a variety of high-quality amenities and services.


Since I mentioned wedding venues, I thought this would be a good time to show you just how many options you have to choose from. Please remember these are just some of the choices you have available in Italy too. Even with these alone, you’re sure to find something you like. Here’s what they are: 

  • Villa Cetinale - Siena, Tuscany
  • Il Borro
  • Aman Venice
  • Belmont Cipriani Venice
  • Abbazia La Cervara, Portofino
  • Convento Annunciata 
  • Isola Del Garda - Garda Lake
  • Borgo Egnazia - Brindisi, Puglia
  • Masseria Potenti - Taranto, Puglia
  • Masseria Moroseta - Puglia
  • Villa Miani - Roma
  • Villa Pizzo - Lake Como
  • Villa del Balbianello - Lake Como
  • Villa Erba - Lake Como
  • Ristorante il Riccio - Anacapri
  • Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Amalfi Coast
  • Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Amalfi Coast
  • Villa Treville, Positano, Amalfi Coast
  • Villa Astor, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast
  • Borgo Stomennano, Siena Tuscany
  • Villa Aurelia, Rome
  • Jacques Garcia Noto - Sicily
  • L'abbazia della Cervara al Monte di Portofino - Genova
  • Masseria Montenapoleone - Puglia

As I mentioned before, please take your time looking through these. There’s no rush to choose one for your destination wedding in Italy right away. I recommend getting a glass of wine, finding a nice chair to relax in, and taking in everything each of these venues offers at your own leisure. 

Bride and groom sharing an embrace and smiling at each other endearingly, taken by Alberto Gobbato Photography

#3 - stress-free documentation

Most countries require a lot of documents before you can have a destination wedding there. Complying with these requirements can be a hassle. However, that’s not the case for a destination wedding in Italy. You only need to present the following documents:

  • Original birth certificates
  • Valid passports or ID cards
  • Divorce papers or a death certificate (if divorced or widowed)
  • Certificate of no impediments
  • Sworn affidavit signed by two witnesses
  • Declaration of marriage intent

#4 - the weather

Now, you may wonder just when you should book your destination wedding in Italy at one of these wedding venues. For that, spring is your best choice. Rain is possible, but especially toward the later parts of spring, temperatures are excellent.

Newlywed couple holding hands during their wedding shoot with Alberto Gobbato Photography

Summers are also not bad, but they can get hot, and you’ll be dealing with more tourists. Fall is also a good choice, especially if you’re planning your destination wedding in Italy further south. The weather will stay warmer there.

#5 - it's a wedding and a vacation for everyone

From wine tasting in Montepulciano to art-filled explorations in Florence to romantic getaways in Venice, your guests can enjoy many unique experiences only Italy can offer. And you can plan these before your destination wedding in Italy or after. Or you can even encourage them to develop their own plans.

Newlywed couple sharing an embrace at a picturesque location in Italy, shot by Alberto Gobbato Photography

Here are a couple of quick ideas for you and your guests to enjoy while you’re here:

  • Explore the streets 
  • Take in the beaches
  • Head to the Colosseum
  • Tour the wedding venues you didn’t choose
  • Go on a gondola ride
  • Take in Pompeii
  • Stay in a cave 
  • Hike the trails
  • Bike the countryside
  • Take in an opera
  • Tour Sassi di Matera

Just like with the wedding venue options, these are a small taste of what awaits you when you choose a destination wedding in Italy. And every single one offers plenty of opportunities to take some unforgettable photos.

#6 - endless photo opportunities

Whether on vacation or during your destination wedding in Italy, there are countless photo spots. As an example, let’s look at one venue from above: Isola Del Garda. The island features mountain backdrops, crystal clear waters, historical architecture, elegant and intimate interiors, and well-maintained greenery.

Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding in Italy. Couple smiling and embracing each other on a boat in Venice.

For a vacation, consider just how many pictures you could take while on a gondola ride, visiting a beach or historical site, or just enjoying a bite from a street vendor. These are not just photos for the moment either. They are pictures that can and will last you forever.

#7 - it's the land of buon cibo - good food!

Italy delivers an incredible experience to all of your senses, including your taste. There is a reason Italians have so many food options, such as street food, 5-star cuisine, risotto, antipasti, pasta, pizza, soup, and so much more.

Wedding reception with guests raising their glasses for a toast, captured by Alberto Gobbato Photography

Famous for the texture, taste, aroma, and abundance of food, holding your destination wedding in Italy means getting to savor the food before, during, and after.

#8 - the best wines are in italy

Inviting, unpretentious, and colorful wines are only found in Italy. So, a destination wedding in Italy is a must for any lover of wine and culture. If you do choose Italy, you’ll get the opportunity to taste popular wines such as:

  • Taurasi
  • Montepulciano
  • Lambrusco
  • Barbaresco
  • Etna
  • Franciacorta
  • Supertuscan
  • Chianti Classico
  • Amarone della Valpolicella
  • Barolo
  • Brunello di Montalcino

In Italy, you can easily grab a glass of good wine and toast to the good life. The combination of delicious Italian cuisine and a glass of wine will make your destination wedding in Italy even more enjoyable.

#9 - Italians are fun-loving people

Italians love to love. It is a country of joy, sun, beauty, romance, and welcoming people. We are always happy to help you if you ask. And we have the best staff and vendors. So, you’re certain to get an incredible experience not just from the venue or the country but from the people too.

Newlywed couple walking back down the aisle, shot by Alberto Gobbato Photography

final thoughts

We all want a unique and memorable wedding worth remembering forever. A destination wedding in Italy offers such an experience to anyone who’s willing to embrace it. 

So, I hope you will choose to have a destination wedding in Italy. I also hope I’ll get the privilege of joining you on that journey, putting my expertise as a wedding photographer to use and helping elevate your wedding to new heights.

If you’re interested, let me know!


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