As a destination wedding photographer, I know anything could come my way and I’m ready to embrace it.

Still, there are always surprises waiting, as was the case with Danielle and Akhersh’s multi-day Sorrento wedding starting with a pizza party. I was very happy to be a part of it! Are you ready to embrace them as I was? Then let’s go! 


A pizza party, boating on the Amalfi Coast, a Mehndi Party, I promise, I will show it all, but let's start from the most important day: The wedding.

This luxury wedding took place at Villa Silvana. It started in a traditional Indian style with lots of Indian details and traditional clothing. All of it was beautiful, ornate, and carefully planned by Erin and her team of Lindeman Weddings

That was just the start though. For this Sorrento Wedding, there were so many moments to pick out and capture it would’ve been easy to miss them. But I stayed focused and honored Danielle and Akhersh’s trust in me. 

One of my favorites was when Akhersh arrived on a horse-drawn carriage. There were loud drums, and all the guests dancing in the streets stopped traffic on Sorrento’s main road. 

The wedding ceremony was spectacular too because of the flowers and the great terrace, with Mount Vesuvius as Danielle and Akhersh’s backdrop. It was incredible just to be there.

Without any further do, let's have a look at the photos of this epic wedding.

the Wedding day:

Day 2 - D &A wedding in Sorrento

Day two of this beautiful Sorrento wedding came in two parts. Part one was a boating day on the Amalfi Coast, and part two was a Mehndi Party at night. Let’s start with the boats. 

Boating On The Amalfi Coast 

Blue seas, white rocks, and green trees all around made for a wonderful and relaxing way to enjoy the beginning of day two. I will admit it also made taking photos a lot easier too. There are many perks that I’m always grateful to have as a photographer, and days like that are just one of them.

To show my gratitude and honor my clients’ trust in me, I like to deliver even more incredible photos than they were expecting. So, I made sure to take plenty of in-action shots of guests jumping off the boats and into the water, sunbathing, and Akhersh popping some champagne. Photos like those communicated how everyone had great energy, which continued all the way through the rest of days two and three.

The Mehndi Party

For those who may not know, a Mehndi Party is an important part of Indian wedding traditions. You may know it as henna. For the party, red-orange mehndi is applied to parts of the bride’s body, including her hands and feet. The designs symbolize different things, such as love and luck, and the deeper the mehndi’s color, the better the marriage will be.

In that regard, Danielle’s mehndi was as worthy of photos as the beautiful Amalfi Coast. I always want to celebrate my couples’ weddings and what makes them unique. So, taking close-up shots of this beautiful ceremony and the resulting work was just as important to me as it was to them.

Final Thoughts

Getting to share even these little pieces of Danielle and Akhersh’s Sorrento wedding with you was a joy. I love sharing, and I love bringing joy to people in love. So, whether you’re thinking about having your own Sorrento wedding or having it somewhere else, let me know. I’d love to be a part of making it magical for you, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned!

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Photographer: Alberto Gobbato

Planning: Lindeman Weddings

Wedding Dress: Reem Acra

Venue: Villa Silvana

Hair and Makeup: Jimena Puy

Florals: Flora Garden Positano