Beautiful Backdrops For Your Authentic Italian Wedding

One of my favorite places to photograph weddings is in Italy. It’s an absolutely stunning country with incredible scenery and fantastic venues that are perfect for weddings or elopements. And if you’re planning an Italian destination wedding, I’d highly recommend checking out Lake Como Wedding Venues.

Lake Como Wedding Venues is nestled between the Italian Alps, with villas and hotels skirting along the edge of Lake Como. It’s a hot spot for many celebrities, with several glamorous and unique venues that are perfect for your special day. Each location has its own kind of rustic beauty with either original architecture or sleek, modern style.

Top 7 Lake Como Wedding Venues. Rustic wedding reception setup in greenhouse with boho floral centerpieces.

That said, I think there are a few Lake Como wedding venues that are ideal for elopements or weddings. Now keep in mind there’s truly no “wrong” choice when it comes to a Lake Como venue; they’re all great! Plus, if you’re unsure which one is right for you, you can always request more information to see which one fits your needs.

The best way to find the right wedding venue is to learn about the location and find which ones match your needs. Here are the seven best Lake Como wedding venues and what I appreciate about them.

Lake Como Wedding Venues I Recommend

#1 - Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero is absolutely covered in lush botanical gardens and spectacular landscaping. It was once a 12th-century Cistercian convent, so it has incredible rustic architecture. However, the estate had an interesting upgrade in the 17th century, which gave it an even more unique style.

Bride walking towards the groom during their wedding shoot with Alberto Gobbato Photography

The amazing greenery and architecture are the main reasons why I love this location. Plus, it’s a good fit if you want to plan a more intimate wedding. It only has 12 rooms, so keep this in mind if you and your guests want to stay at the venue.

#2 - Villa del Balbianello

If you want a venue with panoramic views of Lake Como and fantastic groundskeeping, Villa del Balbianello is your best bet. This Lake Como wedding venue sits on the lake’s shore. It has numerous gardens, beautiful terraces, and several outdoor locations that are perfect for a wedding ceremony

Couple posing with their adorable pet dog during their Lake Como wedding shoot

I always feel inspired when taking photos at Villa De Balbianello. It’s the perfect Italian villa for a glamorous retreat. Plus, it has some serious cinematic history! You can see it in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Casino Royale, to name a few titles.

#3 - Villa Erba

The Villa Erba is located in the town of Cernobbio. It’s a captivating villa featuring exquisite gardens, with a host of greenery, a large ballroom and a picturesque terrace overlooking the lake. You can take hundreds of breathtaking photos, and the staff is second-to-none.

Bride and groom facing each other in front of their wedding arch taken by Dolomites wedding photographer Alberto Gobbato

I tend to notice very grand and glamorous energy at Villa Erba, which is great for more traditional wedding plans. If you’re interested in a Lake Como wedding venue that’s more formal, Villa Erba should be at the top of your list.

#4 - Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo sits on Lake Como shore. It has considerable garden space, event rooms, a ballroom and a restaurant. It even has a rooftop terrace that overlooks the lake.

Groom making the bride dip as they both smile during their wedding shoot with Italy wedding photographer Alberto Gobbato

I’m all about appreciating both newer architecture and historic structures, which makes this location especially interesting to me. If you’re looking for a Lake Como wedding venue with indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo has got you covered.

#5 - Villa Regina Teodolinda

When you’re dreaming of a true fairytale wedding location, Villa Regina Teodolinda is the place to go. It accommodates up to 12 people and employs a helpful staff to help assist with your wedding. It’s one of the most popular Lake Como wedding venues around, and for good reason. 

Bride posing elegantly at the wedding reception venue in Lake Como, Italy

You can access it by boat, which makes it even more romantic. This semi-private location makes it perfect for your guests to enjoy the quaint backyard and pool. What I like most about this location is how intimate the wedding feels, since you can really only spend it with your closest family and friends.

#6 - Villa Sola Cabiati

If you prefer gorgeous rolling hills and wineries to lake-side views, the Villa Sola Cabiati is a fantastic venue. This Lake Como wedding venue belongs to the same owner as the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. It still has a beautiful view of the bay, so you can still take in the lake from a distance.

Bride and groom sharing an embrace with their pet in front of them in Lake Como, taken by Alberto Gobbato Photography

What I love most about Villa Sola Cabiati is the incredible architecture and history. The exterior has a historically romantic style while maintaining a classical interior design. And it’s excellent for bigger wedding parties since it can comfortably hold up to 130 guests.

#7 - Villa La Cassinella

Villa La Cassinella is an upscale retreat with charming indoor and outdoor facilities. The villa has several breathtaking chandeliers, an expansive park, and it has really incredible waterfront views. It can accommodate up to 17 guests for lodging and 25 guests for a wedding ceremony or reception. 

Groom hugs bride as she smiles during their wedding shoot in Lake Como with Venice wedding photographer Alberto Gobbato

I’m a big fan of the meticulously manicured landscaping and the waterfront walkway. There are so many locations on the property that are perfect for wedding photos. Plus, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy before and after your big day.

Final Thoughts

Lake Como wedding villas are all fantastic in their own way. They have plenty to offer, and each one will create a romantic backdrop for your wedding. No matter which one you decide on, you’re sure to have a memorable day. 

Connect with event coordinators, ensure that there's enough space to comfortably house your guests and ask about both indoor and outdoor options for the ceremony or reception. In the end, the best way to pick a Lake Como wedding venue is to find one that speaks to you. You'll want a venue that you and your partner are excited about so that you're all smiles on your big day.

If you have a wedding or elopement coming up and want to plan a destination wedding in Italy, I’d love to hear about it!


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