A Guide To Getting Married at Il Borro Tuscany

I absolutely love Italy, and I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot several weddings there. Il Borro Tuscany is a truly enchanting location that has all the fantastic elements you’re looking for in a rustic Italian villa with all the conveniences that come in a modern-day hotel. However, if you're planning a destination wedding to Il Borro, keep in mind there are a lot of things to consider besides just picking a venue.

Along with managing transportation and tracking the weather, you need to hire caterers, plan activities and find the right location for the ceremony and the reception. Plus, you want your guests to be able to find lodging options easily. Luckily, Il Borro is well equipped for a seamless destination wedding, allowing you to plan your wedding from afar effortlessly. 

I've learned a few things about an Il Borro Tuscany wedding. And if you want a tasteful, Italian destination wedding, there are a couple of things to consider as you start planning.

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Where Is Il Borro Located?

Il Borro is just south of Florence in Tuscany, Italy. It’s a small, hundred-year-old town owned by the Ferragamo family. Il Borro has several swimming pools, golf courses, horseback riding trails, spas, shops, restaurants and more. It’s surrounded by 2.71 acres of land, making it a perfect location for enjoying the Italian countryside with family and friends.

If eco-friendly practices are important to you, going with an Il Borro Tuscany wedding is great idea. The owners and operators pride themselves on having zero carbon dioxide emissions and are dedicated to creating a circular economy within their farm. They even have an apiary and beekeepers on site!

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Best Weather For An Il Borro Tuscany Wedding

If you've ever planned a big event, you know it's important to keep a close eye on the weather. Planning an Il Borro Tuscany wedding is no different. The best months for a wedding in Tuscany, Italy, are typically from May through September, which usually offers clear skies and warm weather.

That said, you don't have to have an Il Borro Tuscany wedding in the spring and summer; Italy is gorgeous in the winter months, too! And since Il Borro has just as many indoor retreat areas as they do outdoor activities, you can get married there whenever you wish. However, it's important to be realistic with your wedding planning; you need to consider your guest’s timeframe and budget, too.

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How Many Guests Can You Bring?

Il Borro offers several lodging options for guests traveling to Tuscany, from villas to farmhouses. They have lodging available at the Ferragamo Villa, the Midievil Village and other luxury villas. Overall, if you have an Il Borro Tuscany wedding, they can accommodate up to 191 people on site; but keep in mind they have to stay for a minimum of 2-3 days.

Or another option to consider is having your guests visit other areas of Italy and then come into town for your Il Borro Tuscany wedding. Some people opt to spend time in Florence and Siena before eventually ending up at Il Borro for the big day. However, they must keep transportation in mind throughout the trip, so they are on time for your wedding.

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Transportation to Il Borro Tuscany

Il Borro is a little over an hour away from Florence, Italy. Guests should remember this when they’re making flight and travel arrangements. There are shuttle services between Florence and Tuscany, but timing and hours may vary; ask your guests to map these out beforehand.

If you and your guests decide to stay on location for your Il Borro Tuscany wedding, there are plenty of things to do on the grounds and nearby. And since Il Borro hosts all of the following activities for their guests, you don’t have to stray far to have fun!

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Activities For Guests

An Il Borro Tuscany wedding is perfect for those who like to stay active and love the great outdoors. The estate has horseback riding, yoga classes, mountain biking, golf courses, walking trails and swimming pools, to name a few. This way, you can spend quality time with your guests before and after the wedding.

If you want to focus a bit more on indulging in Italian cuisine during your stay, there are several amazing restaurants at Il Borro. Plus, there’s a vineyard and wine-tasting events throughout the week! You'll be completely satisfied (and stuffed) with the incredible authentic Italian food at Il Borro.

Once you've scheduled your extracurricular activities for your trip, you can finally focus on planning your Il Borro Tuscany wedding day.

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Various Locations For Ceremony And Reception

Since Il Borro has over 2 acres of land, there are plenty of places to hold your Il Borro Tuscany wedding ceremony and reception. If you prefer an indoor ceremony, you can get married inside the quaint church located in the center of Il Borro Village. If you love the idea of an outdoor wedding, there are several gardens or terraces that would work perfectly for a beautiful wedding ceremony.

You can host your Il Borro Tuscany wedding reception anywhere Il Borro deems fit for a party, but popular locations include the amphitheater and the Borgo et Chateaux. Both locations can fit up to 250 guests, making them great options for medium-sized weddings.

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Final Thoughts

Arranging a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. And planning a destination wedding can be even more challenging to schedule. However, when you plan an Il Borro Tuscany wedding, you’ll have an easier time thanks to the support from the amazing Il Borro staff. They have years of expertise, ensuring your wedding goes to plan so you can experience a day you'll never forget.

If you want a truly magical wedding that celebrates all things Italy, you should seriously consider an Il Borro Tuscany wedding. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and architecture of this restored medieval town while enjoying modern-day conveniences at the same time. I’ve been to Il Borro many times, and every wedding I’ve done there has been incredible.

If you’d like to work together on an upcoming event, I’d love to hear about it!


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Bride and groom posing for a portrait shot; image overlaid with text that reads Planning an Il Borro Tuscany Wedding: Ev
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