An ice-cream love story.

Last week I had the luxury to have an afternoon off and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this epic event than going and getting myself a GELATO!!!


YESSS, there is nothing better than a good ice-cream on a hot, steamy, novacastrian day, after a surf session with your best "wog" buddy!!!

I still remember when I was just a little brat, my Nonna used to take me to the local gelateria in Padova. It was owned by two amazing artisans, Luigina and Rino who were waaayyy older than my Nonna and so seemed to me, some sort of fossils in my young eyes.

Back then I didn`t know what an artisan was, what hard work meant or how long it takes to get an unbelievable and specific knowledge such as the one Luigina and Rino had. I just LOOVED gelato, THEIR gelato to be precise.

Every time someone takes me to get an ice-cream I get all excited, picturing in my mind that amazing, fruity, creamy, perfectly balanced iced beauty, just to get unkindly disappointed, brought back to earth after just the first taste. 

Every time, but not this one... Popolo`s gelato takes me back to those carefree, happy afternoons with my Nonna in Padova.


I really hope these shots will make you want to go and get a taste of what I`m trying to explain. It just took me about 25 years to find another gelateria like that one. My biggest wish is that my nonna was still with us to let her try this gelato and see her smiling face again, and again and again!!!!!